Squad Webpage

Hi! This is the official web page for our NECA (Norwalk Early College Academy) Squad.

We're a tight knit group of friends, that met our freshman year of high school. Most of us had the same classes, so as the school year progressed we all started to get closer. The summer of freshman year we all became even better friends bonding over our first college classes. We struggles through them, but in the end we had fun growing as students and people. We all can't wait for our freshman year, and to continue to advance through all of our classes. We all hope to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout our sophmore year, and to continue to become better friends.

We usually hang out at Jay`s, Mateo`s or Kayla`s house. We also frequently go to the movies. So far we have seen Central Intelligence, Nerve, and When we can`t go out we`ll usually skype, or text each other in our big group chat. Honestly, we have like no social life outside each other, but we get along well so it's all good.